2020 Goals

Like most people, I typically do not take new year’s resolutions seriously. However I do like to establish goals for myself. This year I decided to identify goals to begin pursuing with the start of the new year. Hopefully writing these out will help motivate me to prioritize these goals. My 4 resolutions for 2020:

  1. Cook better Indian food. Although Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines, the rare occasions when I have attempted to cook it have produced underwhelming results. I would like to discover at least a few recipes to reliably create a delicious, home-cooked Indian dinner.
  2. Chop vegetables more efficiently without sacrificing safety. Cooking prep time tends to take longer than it should. I would like to learn new techniques to chop vegetables more quickly (without losing a finger).
  3. Plan my lunch meals. I rely on Trader Joe’s frozen food (<3 vegan tikka masala) way more than I should. Preparing my meals the night before will lead to healthier meals and less packaging waste.
  4. Embrace third wave coffee. I make coffee at home almost every morning. The rare occasions when I visit a coffee shop are either when I am traveling or run out of coffee beans on a Saturday morning and do not want to go to Whole Foods before breakfast. However, Los Angeles is full of excellent coffee shops. I should occasionally plan a trip to a coffee shop and enjoy the experience of exploring the best coffee this town has to offer.

Additionally, I have several goals I already prioritize that I would like to continue to focus on in 2020. These include:

  1. Coding: I regularly practice Python and am exploring the basics of Machine Learning. I want to continue to improve my Python skills, especially in relation to data science and ML.
  2. Running: I ran my first (and to date, only) marathon in 2018. Since then, I have gone through phases of running consistently or not at all. I would like to continue improving as a runner. I do not currently have plans to run another marathon, but I would like to someday.
  3. Making / Tinkering: Continue developing my skills with electronics, product design, 3D printing, etc. Maybe I will even complete a few projects this year to document on this web site!
  4. Reading: To learn, for enjoyment, and to improve my communication skills. I would also like to begin documenting books on this site after I complete them.

I look forward to reviewing this list in a year to evaluate if I met my goals for the year and how my goals and priorities shifted!

Cover photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash